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Osman's favourite Lamb main & yummy Orange cake

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

My mum is my hero in life and I learned how to cook from her. Every day, I would come back home from work and help her in the kitchen. Watching and learning. We used to eat falafel at least five times a week and I learnt from my mother how to make proper green falafel.

I was the owner of a fruit and veg import and export company. I loved it because I was born on a farm. However, in 2013 a large UK company made an order and I didn’t receive most of the payment. I was penniless and came to the UK to fight my case.

These dishes remind me of eating together as a family in Egypt. We used to eat meat or chicken once or twice a week if we were lucky. This was usually a Friday and it was a family day when we would all be together. I miss my family and haven’t seen them for a very long time now.

I still live. And I fight, though I’ve had a hard life. I believe if you want to be something, you will be it. And I will make myself whole again. I now have a small restaurant and juice stand in Shepherd's Bush called Osman’s Market and I catered the Migrant Connections Festival in 2019.

By Ahmed Osman


Osman's Lamb and potatoes


Osman's Orange Cake


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