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Our family festival celebrates migration and offers a glimpse of a world without borders.

Since 2017, we have held a family festival of music, food, dance, art, political campaigning, education and well-being. The festival creates a space for migrants to feel welcomed, safe and nourished. We want to build and nurture relationships while providing a welcoming atmosphere for people to take a break from their daily lives.


As migrants are at the heart of everything we do – from organisers and facilitators to performers and attendees of our events – inclusion and accessibility are central to us. All our activities, workshops and services are free of charge and we cover travel expenses for those who need it, provide free childcare and translation during the day and offer a dry event with breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as tea, coffee and refreshments included. Where possible, we compensate people for their time, including chefs, performers, artists, people helping with set up and those running activities.

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