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Photo Exhibition

What makes a migrant festival great?

People with experience of migration are at the heart of everything we do and we are constantly looking how we can make our annual festival more participatory than the last. 

We took a break from organising a festival in 2022 to allow us to put more emphasis on listening to people’s experience and ideas. 

As a result we have organised an interactive photo exhibition together with Create without Borders at the Horniman Museum at the Sanctuary Festival on the 26th of August & at Toyne Bee Hall on the 29th of August!

Photo Exhibition Workshop

The exhibition displays photos taken of the 2021 Migrant Connections Festival by the refugee CIC Fotosynthesis and their young photographers. Our exhibition is about the joy, creativity, and solidarity of festivals of migration. We will also facilitate a workshop alongside to the exhibition to explore what makes a good migrant festival. The workshop is based around question such as:
       + How to bring people with precarious migrant status together in a free and safe environment?
       + How to promote mental well-being via creative interactive festival activities?
       + How to create an event where people can join in regardless of their language abilities. 
We spoke with over 50 people that joined our interactive photo exhibition to listen to their ideas and inputs how to make future festivals such as our Migrant Connections Festival as inclusive and transformative as possible. We can’t wait to put these ideas into practice at our next Festival in 2023….

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