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"Food is more than a commodity. It's also a community. what you eat literally becomes you. Every bite connects you to the whole world." 

Ocean Robbins

Find recipes from all over the world to try out yourself and share them with the people around you. 

The following recipes are shared by people from all migrant backgrounds living in the UK - including the amazing chefs from previous editions of the Migrant Connections Festival, guests, friends and people involved in the organisation. 




We would like to include your favourite recipe in our collection!


What is it called? Where is it from? What are the ingredients and how do you make it? It can be a starter, main course, dessert or even your favourite drink.

We would also love to know where you learnt to make it and first tasted it. What or who it reminds you of, and why it is important to you? Please send a photo of anything related to the recipe you think is important to share alongside it.
We will then edit your recipe and put it on our website for others to enjoy and share!

The recipe and story can be in whatever form you want, a photo of the recipe, a Whatsapp message, a voice message, anything! You don’t have to send the recipe in English, we will translate it from any language. 

Please send a photo of the you, the meal, or anything related to the recipe.

We will edit your recipes and put them here on our website. 

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